SOX – End User Course
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Product / End User Course

SOX – End User Course

Course Overview: 

The MetricStream SOX Compliance product allows you to resolve Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) compliance challenges by designing, assessing, and improving the internal controls. The product monitors compliance processes in detail and provides evidence to auditors on the internal control testing results. It also provides control and visibility into compliance issues, statuses, and plans. Using the SOX, Executive Management can review and certify the risk and control assessments according to SOX Act Section 302 requirements.





4 Hours


4 Hours

Q&A with MSU

2 Hours


Familiarity with SOX concepts


Learning Objectives: 

The training is focused on making trainees understand the features, process, workflows, and functionalities of the SOX Product. At the end of the training and practice, trainees will have knowledge on how to perform basic setup of the SOX product which includes knowledge on:

§     Product Functionality & Use Case Workflow Usage

·         Understand how to navigate the app

·         Create and/or upload SOX compliance content

·         Create and approve Library Content

·         Create, approve and manage compliance plans

·         Execute compliance assessments

·         Create, approve and manage Risk Assessment plans

·         Execute risk assessments

·         Create, approve and manage surveys & certifications

·         Respond to surveys & certifications

·         Log, approve, manage, monitor and close issues

·         Administer and manage the SOX app

§     Product/Use Case Setup

·         Perform SOX Setup

·         Perform Risk Assessment Setup

·         Import Data


Practice & Facetime with Instructor:

Once you start the course, please reach out to MSU at [email protected] to get a practice instance allocated. Upon completion of course content and sufficient practice, reach out to your MSU instructor for your 2 hr Q&A session to clarify and address any open questions.


Certification Issued:

Participants will be issued a Course Completion Certificate on successful completion of the entire course.

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Course content

  • Lesson SOX App – Comprehensive Course (250 Minutes)