Platform Configuration & Extension - Comprehensive Course (Self Study)
Available for 365 days upon enrollment
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Platform Configuration & Extension - Comprehensive Course (Self Study)

Course Overview: 

The MetricStream Platform provides a framework that enables customers and partners to configure and extend the application based on customer use case. The framework ensures that the configurations and extensions made remain intact, while incorporating the updates from a new App patch or feature pack.





35 Hours


12 Hours

Q&A with MSU

3 Hours


Practical Knowledge in SQL, PL/SQL, Data Modelling, Java, JavaScript, Product Setup, Features and Functionality,

Certification Awarded*

MetricStream Certified Configuration & Extension Specialist


Learning Objectives: 

At the end of the training, resources will be able to understand:

  • How to setup the applications

  • How to perform basic configurations

  • How to extend the application

  • How to create, modify and extend reports and charts

  • How to configure and extend forms, add validations and use business rules

  • How to Create and Manage Infolets

  • How to Create and Manage Infocenters

  • How to Create and Manage 3rd party Reports (Libre/Open Office, Jasper)

*(Training will cover how to configure and extend all apps, so it is app neutral)


Practice Instance:

Once you start the course, please reach out to MSU at [email protected] to get a practice instance allocated.


Facetime with Instructor:

Upon completion of course content and sufficient practice, reach out to your MSU instructor for your 8 hr Q&A session to clarify and address any open questions.


Certification (Optional):

To be certified, you need to score a minimum of 75% on both the objective and practical assessment. You are allowed a maximum of 2 attempts to pass the certification tests. Please reach out to the instructor once you are ready for assessment. The maximum duration allowed for appearing for assessment is 2 weeks from the course assignment date.

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Course content

  • Lesson Introduction to M7 Platform

    Introduction to the Course, Overview of M7 Platform, Platform Navigation & Features

    • Introduction (25 minutes)
    • Platform Navigation and Features (25 minutes)