Environmental & Social Governance - Introductory Course
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Environmental & Social Governance - Introductory Course

Course Overview: 

The comprehensive MetricStream Environmental & Social Governance (ESGRC) solution takes stock of the key challenges in the modern ESG and GRC spaces and provides an all-in-one solution for enterprises. The solution provides a holistic platform where business can track emerging and changing regulations, along with complex regulatory standards. As part of the solution, you can manage disclosure requirements, conduct self-assessments, identify issues, and maintain action plans.





45 Minutes


Familiarity with ESGRC concepts


Learning Objectives: 

This eLearning course provides an overview of the Environmental & Social Governance product, introduces you to the key components, roles and landing pages assigned to different roles in the product. 

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Course content

    • Unit 1: Introduction
    • Unit 2: Key Components
      • Metrics
      • Surveys & Certifications
      • Report Builder
      • Issues