Enterprise Risk Management Product Implementation Specialist
A course will be available for 365 days upon enrollment
Certifications / Product Implementation Specialist

Enterprise Risk Management Product Implementation Specialist


This certification curriculum includes both the product implementation course and the platform administration course. Successfully completing the course content and certification exam will yield the user an Enterprise Risk Management Product Implementation Specialist certificate.




Course Duration (Including Q&A and Practice)

22 Hours

Course Completion Requirement

2 weeks from date of assignment


Familiarity with Risk Management concepts



Practice & Facetime with Instructor:

Once you start the course, please reach out to MSU at [email protected] to get a practice instance allocated. Upon completion of course content and sufficient practice, reach out to your MSU instructor for your Q&A session(s) to clarify and address any open questions.



To be certified, you need to score a minimum of 75% on both the objective and practical assessments. You are allowed a maximum of 2 attempts to pass the certification tests. Please reach out to the instructor once you are ready for assessment. The maximum duration allowed for appearing for assessment is 2 weeks from the course assignment date.

Curriculum content

  • This certification requires the following assessments to be completed:   Assessment – I: The test has 60 questions that need to be answered and you will have 120 minutes to complete the assessment once started. You may start this at any time before the closure date, however once started the test cannot be paused. Hence ensure that you have set aside time to complete this assessment before you hit the  START  button. 2.   Assessment – II: This is a scenario-based assessment that ought to be completed before the assessment closure date. Since there is no time limit, you may start the test right away and complete it in any order you see fit. Please ensure that all results are captured and filled before the assessment closure dates.   
    • Lesson Assessment & Certification