Third Party Risk Management Product Implementation Specialist
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Third Party Risk Management Product Implementation Specialist


This certification curriculum includes both the product implementation course and the platform administration course. Successfully completing the course content and certification exam will yield the user a Third-Party Risk Management Product Implementation Specialist certificate.

Level – Advanced

Duration – 22 Hours

Course Completion Requirement – 2 weeks from date of assignment

Pre-requisites: Familiarity with TPRM Concepts


Practice, Assessment & Certification:

Once courses 1 & 2 have been completed, please reach out to your trainer at [email protected] for the following:

  1. Practice Instance: MSU will provide access to a practice instance for a duration of 2 weeks.
  2. Facetime with Instructor: Collate all questions you may have on the course and send to your trainer; the trainer may host a dedicated 1hr session to address any questions.
  3. Assessment & Certification: You are expected complete the assessment in 2 weeks from the assignment of this course

Curriculum content

  • Course Overview: The MetricStream Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) product enables a comprehensive process to identify, assess, mitigate, and monitor third-party risks & manage compliance. The product streamlines third-party information gathering, due diligence, onboarding, and monitoring of third-party risks, controls, and performance. This course enables participants to understand, own and manage the application independently after the training.   Level Advanced Content 5 Hours Practice 5 Hours Q&A with MSU 2 Hours Pre-Requisites Familiarity with Third Party Risk Management Certification Awarded* MetricStream Certified Third Party Risk Product Implementation Associate   Audience: This course is indented for Project Managers, Domain Functional Experts, Solution Managers, Configurators who wants to implement MetricStream’s OOTB Third Party Risk Management Product Learning Objectives:  The training is focused on making trainees understand the features, process, workflows, and functionalities of the Third-Party  Risk Management Product. At the end of the training, practice and certification, trainees will have knowledge on how to implement and perform basic configurations on the TPRM product which includes knowledge on: §       Product Functionality & Usage o     Understand how to navigate the TPRM app o     Understand the different roles in the TPRM app o     Create a request to onboard a new Third Party/Service o     Initiate the Due Diligence Process o     Complete Due Diligence Process and Onboard Third Party o     Terminate Onboarding Process / Offboard Third Parties o     Monitor Third Parties o     Capture and address Third Party Issues o      Financial Risk Assessment using D &B integration §       Product/Use Case Setup o     Create due diligence questionnaires o     Define segmentation rules o     Define due diligence workflow §        User Management & Basic Administration o     Application & Approver Configuration o     Segmentation Tables o     Provision/Deactivate Users o     TPRM Role Activities & Objects o     Map Users to TPRM Org-Role Pairs  Practice & Facetime with Instructor: Once you start the course, please reach out to MSU at [email protected] to get a practice instance allocated.   Upon completion of course content and sufficient practice, reach out to your MSU instructor for your 2 hr Q&A session to clarify and address any open questions.   Certification (Optional): To be certified, you need to score a minimum of 75% on both the objective and practical assessment. You are allowed a maximum of 2 attempts to pass the certification tests. Please reach out to the instructor once you are ready for assessment. The maximum duration allowed for appearing for assessment is 2 weeks from the course assignment date.
    • Lesson TPRM: Overview & Navigation

      Every organization that engages with a third party has to ensure that the third party protects the confidential IT information, complies with regulations, avoids unethical practices, maintains a safe and healthy working environment, mitigates operational risks and so on. Managing third parties require a thorough assessment of the third parties while you on-board them. Also, the risks associated with these third parties should be monitored on a continuous basis.
    • Lesson TPRM: Planning and Process Definition

      Helps the organizations to define a process to qualify, segment, and rank third parties by sequencing appropriate self-assessments and questionnaires based on the rules. Planning and process definition allows you to score and categorize the third parties to streamline the on-boarding processes and monitor the on-going activities
    • Lesson TPRM: Segmentation and Due Diligence Assessments

      Allows the respondents to respond to the assessment questions based on the questionnaire. Once the third party engagements are approved, the first survey assessment of the associated due diligence process is triggered to the respondents. Subsequently, all the survey assessments are triggered based on the defined sequence.
    • Lesson TPRM: Issues

      Helps reporting issues along with defining an action plan to address the problems.
    • Lesson TPRM: Continuous Monitoring

      Helps you facilitate a continuous monitoring process through relevant periodic risk assessment tasks that can be automated based on the due diligence results.
    • Lesson TPRM: Product Setup

      MetricStream components can be tailored to specific requirements of an organization in different ways. This unit covers the most common requirements and functions performed by an 'Apps Administrator.'
    • Lesson TPRM Product Configuration

      This unit covers configuration topics enabling you to populate configuration workbooks, updating LOVs and Data Table on forms and defining workflow parameters. 
    • Lesson TPRM Product Administration

      This unit will enable you to provision, deactivate and map users to various roles in the TPM app.
    • Lesson TPRM: Product Enhancements

      Third Party Risk Management Product updates in Colorado and Danube releases. 
    • Lesson TPRM: Use Cases

    • Lesson TPRM: Practice (4 Hours)

      Please reach out to your trainer for credentials to the practice instance before starting this unit.
    • Lesson TPRM: Assessment & Certification

      Thank you for completing this TPRM Course. Kindly reach out to your instructor at [email protected] for access to the following certification assessments:
  • This certification requires the following assessments to be completed:   Assessment – I: The test has 60 questions that need to be answered and you will have 120 minutes to complete the assessment once started. You may start this at any time before the closure date, however once started the test cannot be paused. Hence ensure that you have set aside time to complete this assessment before you hit the  START  button. 2.   Assessment – II: This is a scenario-based assessment that ought to be completed before the assessment closure date. Since there is no time limit, you may start the test right away and complete it in any order you see fit. Please ensure that all results are captured and filled before the assessment closure dates.